Welcome to Ospizio

Ospizio has been specially commissioned for the Malta Arts Festival

There is an invisible city outside the bastion walls.  This summer it will reveal itself.

Theatre Anon, in their most ambitious project to date, have created a fascinating tale; one that is also spectacular, magical and hilarious – but also touching, because the story not only reveals the history of the Ospizio… but may also tell you something about yourself.

Follow Magda on her journey.  Meet Paolo Passionei, who was Malta’s longest-serving Inquisitor, his secret mistress and their two daughters; the mad Mayor; the Monsignor; the heartthrob lawyer; Madam Sylvie, gatekeeper to the land of the forgotten; Di and Do, the perfect incompetents; Milly the cranky old woman; Rozita, who summons ghosts whenever she sings; and Pandora who leads the Chorus of the Forgotten.

Passionei’s life is just one of the many fascinating events we come across during Ospizio. Theatre anon’s multilingual story is a fictional one, inspired by the site’s colourful history and the intriguing characters that inhabited it.  This highly entertaining production promises big laughs and plenty of magic.  The audience is invited to embark on this journey with a large team of actors, dancers, singers and The Big Band Brothers.

The cast includes Isabella Attard, Toni Attard, Daniel Azzopardi, Narcy Calamatta, Stefan Farrugia, Paula Fleri-Soler, Charlotte Grech, Sandra Mifsud, Liliana Portelli, Hannah Schembri and Louiselle Vassallo. Paul Portelli is the artistic director.  Ospizio is designed by Pierre Portelli, and Theatre anon has also collaborated with writer Clare Azzopardi on the project.

Ospizio has been commissioned by the Malta Arts Festival and developed specifically for performance on this particular site – the location is as much a part of the act as the performers and the story.   The audience participates fully in the journey, moving through the site and discovering its secrets as the story unravels around it.

For details on performance dates, check the programme and Theatre Anon’s own site

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