SPACESspazji is a visual arts project at Malta Arts Festival 2010.

Strada Stretta in Valletta is not simply a street.  It is a brand; it possesses a nature and life of its own thanks to its historical and contextual associations.  It is also an area in desperate need of regeneration and therefore an ideal location within the capital for the arts to flourish. This is the context in which the Malta Arts Festival is seeking to present the visual arts in 2010.

There will be no underlying theme.  The common thread will be the context and the working space.  Five artists: Sean Gabriel Ellul, Fabrizio Ellul, Ruth Bianco, Anton Grech and James Micallef Grimaud selected by curator Lisa Gwen Baldacchino will each interpret a space as they deem best.  The outcome  will be unveiled on July 2nd.

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