The Hulda Festival

100 year-old boat meets art and science

First, there’s the boat – the MS Hulda, built in 1905.  And then, the travelling exhibition of scientific sculptures by the Turkish Swedish artist Ilhan Koman (1921 – 1986) on board.

The Hulda Festival features events celebrating the coalescence of arts and sciences around Hulda and Koman.  The Festival kicked off in March 2009 and will draw to a close in November 2010, by which time the Festival will have visited Stockholm, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bordeaux, Lisbon, Barcelona, Naples, Malta, Thessalonica and Istanbul. The festival benefits from the active partnership of some of the most prestigious art or science institutions based in these 10 cities.

Ilhan Koman’s creativity combined arts with sciences, making him a representative of a universal approach that descends from Leonardo da Vinci.  For the Hulda Festival, Koman’s artworks embark aboard Hulda, the boat that was his residence and workshop. Visitors are welcome to play with the artists’ most interesting pieces to better apprehend their scientific properties and artistic qualities.

In parallel, ten different workshops have been conceptualised for children by a local organisation in each of the Hulda’s pit stops. The workshops bring artistic and scientific disciplines together to make them more interesting and playful through topics such as “Sculpture & Aerodynamics”, “Creating the Nautical Charts of the Middle-Ages” and “Art and Alternative Energies”.  In Malta, the Art and Science Youth workshops are organised by Il-Kunsill Malti għax-Xjenza u t-Teknoloġija (Malta Council for Science and Technology) : 3 – 13 July 2010 – Hulda Tent.

Workshops will be open to children groups with a maximum of 25-30 children per session following prior booking with MCST.

The Hulda Festival runs from the 3rd to 13th July at the Grand Harbour Marina, Birgu as part of the Malta Arts Festival 2010.

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