The return of the New Choral Singers

The New Choral Singers, under the direction of Robert Calleja present ‘Songs for Summer’ – a concert of secular music, to be held in the Courtyard of the Presidential Palace, in Valletta on Sunday, 18th July, 2010 at 21.00hrs.

In a departure from the classical sacred music that has become its trademark, in this concert the choir will celebrate the beauty of nature, the complexity of mankind, and the greatness of the Creator through songs that range from witty and upbeat to melodiously folk.

The choir’s interpretation of songs such as ‘Les fleurs et les arbres’ by Camille Saint-Saëns, and ‘I praise the tender flower’ by Gerald Finzi, prompt visions of all that is alive in nature around us. Both compositions are an ode to the aesthetics of nature from the vivid colours of flowers in bloom, to the trees, the mountains and lush valleys below. Similarly, Edward Elgar injects a feeling of romantic sentiment in his powerful description of rain fall in ‘The Shower’.

Directing their attention to the creatures that inhabit the earth, the Choir adopt a witty, yet humorous approach in their performance of songs such as ‘I bought me a cat’ by Aaron Copland and ‘El Grillo’ by Josquin Des Pres. The former composition, is a contemporary upbeat and playful tune that introduces a new animal with each verse – the piece requires some versatility since each animal is mimicked throughout the stanzas. The latter composition on the other hand is a brief composition that dates back to the 14th century. It tells the humorous tale of a gifted cricket whose splendid sounds fill the air.

Maintaining a happy balance between nature and the emotions of mankind are a collection of six folk songs by Johannes Brahms which narrate the tales of lost loves and enraptured hearts, in a series of brief serenades that are sure to capture the hearts and imagination of the audience.

Finally, the Choir sings the Creator’s praises by means of the childhood tune ‘Sing Hosanna’, the version they chose to interpret has been arranged by Geoff Nobes.  Adding a local flavour to this concert are the upbeat tunes of local compositions such as ‘Il-Festa’ by Charles Camilleri, ‘Il-Banda ta’ Indri’ by Joe Tanti and ‘L-Imnarja’ by Carmelo Pace. These three pieces characterise the atmosphere of a Maltese Summer, from the marching bands, to the coloured streamers and flags, to the fireworks that fill the sky, the Choir enable the audience to experience the sights and sounds of a local ‘Festa’ through the interpretation of these timeless local compositions.

Entrance to the concert is free, and tickets can be booked via an email to

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