Julien Lestel Company was created in 2006 and is mainly composed of dancers coming from prestigious companies such as the Paris Opera or the Marseille National Ballet. They currently perform all over France and are also invited in great international festivals.

After being trained at the Paris Opera School, Julien Lestel worked with the most famous dancers and choreographers such as Noureev, Forsythe, Kylian, Robbins, Pina Baush, Carolyn Carlson among others. Devoted to his art and keen on getting involved in choreographic research, he founded his own company in order to carry the spectators away emotionally through the ballet aesthetics and drive them into a dynamic space where power, sensuality and poetry coexist, highlighted by the dancers’ virtuosity.

Constance, a neoclassical ballet by Julien Lestel, is performed by eight principals coming from the Paris Opera and the Marseille National Ballet, was inspired by DH Lawrence’s novel, Lady Chatterley’s Lover. It symbolises the possible course for a human being from isolation to both self-awareness and altruism and this through scenes that are altogether aesthetic, sensual, fascinating and poetic.

Music by Philip Glass and lighting effects by Max Has bring into relief the beauty of a magnificent choreography.

Constance plays at the Argotti Gardens, Floriana on 19th July 2010 at  21.00hrs.  Tickets €15, concessions €10.

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