European Union Baroque Orchestra

Every year, for the past 25 years, EUBO has invited 100 talented young baroque musicians from across Europe to audition. The 25 successful candidates, typically from 12 or more different countries with an average age of 25 years, spend six months together, training, touring and performing throughout Europe and further afield under the direction of the world’s leading baroque specialists including in 2010 Lars Ulrik Mortensen, Enrico Onofri, Ton Koopman and Christina Pluhar.

At the end of each year, the students of EUBO move on into the professional world and the whole process, from audition to graduation, begins again. EUBO has been so successful in its mission that there are now former EUBO students in every major professional baroque ensemble in Europe.

Since its foundation in 1985, the Orchestra has given concerts in 52 different countries as an Ambassador for the European Union. As well as performing in all the EU countries in some of Europe’s most prestigious venues and festivals, EUBO has also included many frequently neglected regions in its touring programmes, for example the Middle East and South America. Since 2008, the Orchestra has based many of its activities at the new Centre Culturel Trifolion in Echternach, Luxembourg, including an ambitious new concert series Echter’Barock, organised in partnership with the International Festival and the City of Echternach.

The European Union Baroque Orchestra is a highly valued training resource for young musicians. Without EUBO providing a constantly refreshed pool of experienced new talent, there is no doubt that professional baroque ensembles would find it difficult to maintain their standards and that the health and vitality of baroque performance across the world would suffer. The Orchestra has inspired the hundreds of young people who have trained with it since 1985 and the thousands who have experienced its dazzling performances each year. Providing ideal conditions to nurture EUBO’s young talents is an expensive undertaking, and it is the loyal support of the EUBO Development Trust, the City of Echternach and a successful application for funding through the EU culture programme that makes the project possible. With these committed partners, EUBO’s vitality can be maintained for future performers and audiences.

EUBO plays two concerts at the Malta Arts Festival on the 20th and 21st July 2010.  Both concerts are at the President’s Palace Courtyard, Valletta and start at 21.00hrs.  Tickets are  €15, with concessions at  €10.  Check out the programme here.

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